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Monella / Монела (1998)
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Monella / Монела (1998)



Tinto Brass


Anna Ammirati,Patrick Mower,Mario Parodi,Susanna Martinková, Antonio Salines,Francesca Nunzi, Vitorio Attene, Laura Trotter,Carlo Reali,Maurizio Prudenzi, Alberto C, Serena Grandi,Mirella Zardo,Osiride Pevarello, Edith Rozanyai
Lola is engaged to Masetto, but simply will not commit until they sleep together, because she suspects the only reason he keeps her a virgin is to ensure that she was faithful to him until to wedding. Constantly annoyed by Masetto\'s fits of jelous rage, Lola decides to break up with him and soon develops an attraction to her mother\'s pornographer boyfriend, but she simply can\'t get over her love for Masetto. Written by Eugene B. Mlodik ВНИМАНИЕ ФИЛМЪТ НЕ СЕ ПРЕПОРЪЧВА НА ЛИЦА ПОД 16 ГОДИНИ!

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